Nonprofit Grants 2021

Most non-profit organizations thrive only on grants given to them by the federal government or corporate bodies. Since they are not profiting making business, applying for a loan would be a wrong idea because they would need to pay back with interest. Grants, on the other hand, is free money that doesn’t need to be paid back. If you are looking for grants for your non-profit organization, you can start from one of the following:

Take your time to research and contact all the above; you would find a program that matches your situation.

What non-profit grants can be used?

Organizations that provide grants state specifically what the money can be utilized. You need to keep a record of how you spend the grant because you might be called upon to give a report of how the grants were spent. Non-profit grants can only be used for things related to the non-profit organization. It cannot be used for personal needs.

Who Qualifies

The body providing the grant states the type of non-profit organization that can apply for their grants. For example, one organization can provide a grant for non-profit agencies that take care of homeless children; another may only provide grants for NGOs that are concerned with providing education in remote areas. Ensure that you research into the grant you want to apply for to make sure that you are eligible.

Who is providing the grants?

Grants for nonprofit organizations.