Minority Grants 2021

Grants are monies given by a body or organization without the recipient ever needing to repay them. We have the education grants, private grants, business grants and so on. All these types of grants can be accessed by anyone who meets the criteria set by the body providing the grant. However, some grants are targeted at a particular group of people. This award is known as minority grant. While it is common knowledge that government provides grants for general aid, most people are unaware that there are grants put in place for different minority groups.

There are grants that are open to all ethnic groups, but some are targeted at a particular ethnic group like the African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanic and Asians. Since the grant can only be applied for by a particular group, they are often less competitive than the general grants. Another good thing about applying for a minority grant is that you can still apply for a general grant at the same time. There are minority grants for business owners, college students, etc.

How Minority Grants work

Unlike scholarship that is mostly given based on merit, Grants are given based on needs. You need to be able to prove your need for the grant before you would be given. However, the chances of securing a minority grant are higher because you are only competing with a particular group of people. Many organizations exist that provide minority grants.

Types of Minority Grants

The top providers of minority grants

Both the government and corporate bodies are providers of minority grants.