Education Grants 2021

Grants are monies given by different bodies to meet different purposes. One of the many awards given each year is the training grant. However, not all education grants are meant for individuals; some are awarded for the development of the school in general. You can conduct a thorough research to know which bodies give awards for the individuals.

With the cost of going to colleges and universities increasing day after day, many students need student loans or grants to get them through college. A lot of grants are unclaimed each year, so you need to research to know the award you are eligible for and stand a chance to be an education grant beneficiary. Grants perform the same function as scholarship because you do not need to repay them.

Money obtained from education grants can be used for payment of tuition fee, books, house and other cost depending on the speculation by the body giving the grants. Grants are given based on some factors like academic achievement, economic need, student status and physical disability.

Different bodies provide education grants. The following are some of the popular grants: